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Premium "GRANOLA" Products

The Ultimate Treat for Wild Birds. Made from 100% Natural Ingredients using our own unique Granola Recipe.
High in Beef Suet and other Premium Ingredients such as raisins, rowan berries, mealworms, oat flakes, sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and crushed peanuts.

Packed in flow-pack foil
Item No. SB04-GR
28 pcs. per display-carton
approx. 480 g

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Item No. SB08-GR
65 directly on Euro-Pallet
approx. 4 kg.

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Item No. FK07
36 pcs. per display-carton
Tray, approx. 270 g

Place it either on the feeding table or in one of our dispensers – see Item No. FK31 or Item No. RF20.

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Item No. KN02-GR
48 pcs. per display-carton

Produced from natural materials. The coconut is filled with suet, oil-containing seeds, corn and granola mixture. With this product you will be using food of a correct nutritional composition, resulting in the wild birds thriving splendidly in your garden.

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Insects are part of the natural diet of wild birds and are a valuable source of nutrients that support their healthy growth and development. We have developed a new range of insect fat products that are naturally rich in energy, protein and minerals. They also contain essential nutrients and important amino acids.

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