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Welcome to the 2024/2025 season

For the sake of our birds – Taking responsibility

The decline in insects, lifeless soils, limited habitats; the negative headlines and developments of recent years have a direct impact on our native birds. The limited food supply and constrained living spaces make it difficult for all bird species to find nourishment. Associations and specialist media report a significant decline in bird populations, for which we all bear responsibility and must address. The issue of year-round feeding is gaining more and more attention, sensitivity to this issue is increasing, and that is also necessary.

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With our range, we aim to contribute to improving the food supply. High-quality blends, innovations framed with our natural products, or feeders characterize the COCOBIRD brand over many years. For this year as well, several new products have been added to the range. This year, we are introducing a premium line for the first time based on peanut butter combined with carefully selected blends.

With over 30 years of experience, KEJO Products has developed an extensive product range that is expanded every season with innovative, market-leading products. As one of the largest manufacturers of wild bird feed products in Europe, we are not only represented in the European market with the "COCOBIRD" brand but also with numerous private label products.

The professional quality management ensures the timely delivery of products, even for short notice or large quantity orders. Our team will meet your requirements quickly and reliably.


Our products are made using purely natural ingredients and are manufactured without the addition of preservatives. We care about the environment and sustainability, which is why many of our products are based on natural materials that are fully or partially compostable. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that our packaging materials are recyclable. Since the 2020-2021 season, we offer you our new product package made from recycled feeders. Additionally, most of our products are fully recyclable!


Insects are part of the natural diet of wild birds and are a valuable source of nutrients that support their healthy growth and development. We have developed a new range of insect fat products that are naturally rich in energy, protein and minerals. They also contain essential nutrients and important amino acids.

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