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Peanut Butter Products

premiumWe often serve sunflower seeds and suet to the wild birds, to name a few; however, there’s another high-energy food birds love year-round and that’s peanut butter. Birds love peanut butter because this creamy specialty provides a quick source of energy. Unlike peanut butter in jars, the peanut butter available for bird feeding we now introduce, is optimized for the birds and makes it easy for them to eat from the various products. We offer peanut butter in many different forms. Peanut butter suet balls work well in suet ball feeders. Peanut butter suet cakes fit in any suet cake feeder. Peanut butter suet pellets can be used in any suet pellet feeder or directly on the feeding table. Finally we got peanut butter filled coconuts and cones ready to hang in the garden. A new fantastic range of peanut butter products which make you feed with peanut butter IN A SMARTER WAY.

Peanut Butter Pellets - 500 g Supplied in stand-up pouches…
Suet Cake with peanut butter mixture Tray, approx. 300 g…
6-Pack Suet Balls with peanut butter mixture, approx. 480 g…
Giant Bird Cone with peanut butter mixture 100% nature product,…
Coconut with platform with peanut butter mixture Produced from natural…
Half Coconut with peanut butter mixture Produced from natural materials.…
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