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With 25 years' of experience, Kejo Products has developed an extensive product range that covers every season with innovative, market-leading products.  As one of the largest manufacturers of wild bird food products in Europe, we are represented in the European market not only with our brand "COCO-BIRD" but also with numerous private label products.

Our quality management processes assures the punctual delivery of our products: even for short-term or large quantity orders. Our team will meet your needs quickly and reliably.




All our products are completely natural with no added preservatives. Our products contain the ideal mixture of seed variety, fats, and shredded cereals. Our recipes assure the continued shape of the dumplings until the last peck, making them a very popular, easy-to-use food source. Our Premium Suet Balls are the ideal food source for a variety of wild birds and are available throughout the whole year.



Our production is subject to stringent quality controls. Fresh ingredients are critical in our choice of food and we only choose the most recent harvest. We respect a species-specific composition, with high quality raw materials. The most modern bespoke machinery helps us to repeatedly exceed the expectations of our customers, and to constantly develop new products.



Our suet products are particularly rich in fat, and offer high energy for wild birds in the winter season. They supplement the natural diet of many bird species. We have added many new and innovative products this year.

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